18 July 2022


On 15-16 July 2022, a two-day professional workshop, titled "The Application of Human Rights International Standards in the Domestic Legal Order" was held in the city of Dilijan.

During the professional workshop, the participants addressed the case law and precedents of the European Court of Human Rights, the peculiarities of their application and contemporary trends, the development of Convention mechanisms in recent decades, the relationship between domestic and supranational courts (in the context of the principle of subsidiarity), the status of international human rights standards in the domestic legal order, the role and mission of specialized regional organizations, as well as the issue of the role of the judge in public discourse. The Justices of the Constitutional Court and representatives of the Staff of the High Court participated in the two-day professional workshop. Dr. Martin Kuijer, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, Member of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, attended the event as the keynote speaker of the event.

The above-mentioned workshop was organized upon the initiative of the Constitutional Court within the framework of the Project “Enhancement of the Communication Strategy and Professional Capacities of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia” funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Armenia and implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation.