From the very first year of its establishment, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia has undertaken an active and participatory approach to the international cooperation and promotion of dialogue and implementation of mutually beneficial projects with the partner courts, supranational courts and international organizations.
The international cooperation policy of the Constitutional Court is aimed at ensuring the engagement of the Republic of Armenia in the international organizations and processes in the field of constitutional justice, strengthening cooperation with the constitutional courts of friendly and partner states, presenting the positions of the Constitutional Court of Armenia in the international scene and raising efficiency of protecting the interests of Armenia.
Within the framework of its international cooperation policy, the Constitutional Court hosts conferences and workshops, which are aimed at exchanging the views and the best practices on contemporary issues in the field of constitutional justice. Moreover, the Justices and the personnel of the Constitutional Court frequently participate in the local and international thematic events and conferences dedicated to the constitutional law.
The Constitutional Court is actively engaged in the activities of several international and regional professional organizations. The Staff of the Constitutional Court seeks also an opportunity to facilitate discussion on an international level by providing English and Russians translations of its doctrinal and/or high public interest decisions, as well as the press releases, which are which are available in the relevant sections of the official website of the Constitutional Court.
For more information in regard to the international cooperation and external affairs of the Constitutional Court, or for submitting proposals for cooperation, please send your enquiries to