The Management of the Organization  The Board


7.6. The Board of the Organization is elected by the Assembly for two years.
       Lawyers representing each country propose members of the Board themselves.
       Up to 15 members may be elected from Armenia, up to 7 members from the USA, up to 7 members from the Russian Federation, up to 6 members from France, up to 5 members from Iran, up to 3 members from Nagorno-Karabakh, up to 2 members from Canada, up to 2 members from Argentina, up to 2 members from Georgia and one member from any other country.
       7.7. The Board conducts its work through sessions, which are held by the President coordinating the work of the Board not late than once every six month. The session of the Board can also be held on the request of 20 percent of the Organization members or by the demand  of  5 members of the Board. The sessions of the Board may also be held through electronic communication.

7.8 The Organization has committees, the lines of activities and the structures of which are chosen by the Board.

7.9. The Board:
a. elects the president coordinating the work of the Board, except the first president coordinating the work of the Board, who is elected by the constituent assembly,
b. approves the reports of the coordinating president, including the report submitted to the Assembly,
c. submits suggestions to the Assembly concerning the issues within its especial competence,
d. grants membership of the Organization and dismisses or disfranchises the members,
e. applies means of encouragement and penalty against the members of the Organization,
f. encourages those people from the RA and foreigners who are specially notable for the support to the Organization activity,
g. manages the activity of the Organization in the course of the term between the assemblies,
h. defines the order, amount and forms of making the payment of entrance and membership fees by the members of the Organization,
i. establishes and disbands the institutions of the Organization, structural and separated subdivisions(branches, representative offices), commercial companies, as well as approves their charters,
j. has the right to discuss and solve any issue concerning the activity and the management of the Organization, except the issues within especial competence of the Assembly, including the issue on the membership of the Organization in unions of non-commercial legal entities and international organizations,
k. defines regulations of awards (medal, letter of commendation, letter of appreciation) and other forms of encouragement,
l. approves the reports of the accountancy of the Organization on the basis of the resolution of the oversight body.

7.10. The Board can hold discussions and make decisions if more than  half of its members participate in it.  The decisions are made by the simple majority of votes of the present members. In case of equality of votes the coordinating president has the deciding vote.

List of the Members of the Board