The Management of the Organization  The Assembly


7.1. The superior body of the Organization-the Assembly, is entitled to give a final solution to any issue concerning the activities and the management of the Organization.

7.2. The Assembly is held once every two years. The Board convenes the Assembly, determines the terms and the procedure of its holding. If the number of the members is more than 100, representative delegates chosen by the members may participate in the Assembly in conformity with the procedure prescribed by the Board.

7.3 An extraordinary assembly of the Organization is held by the Board on the motivated request of at least 1/3 of the members or the oversight body of the Organization no later than in the course of 14 calendar days with the agenda confirmed by the requesting party.

7.4. The issues within especial competence of the Assembly of the Organization are:
a. adoption and amendment of the Charter of the Organization,
b. election, change, calling back the governing and supervisory bodies of the Organization,
c. adoption of the decisions on disbandment and reorganization of the Organization,
d. approval of the reports on the activities and the use of the estate of the Organization.

7.5. The Assembly can hold discussions and make decisions if more than half of all the members of the Organization or of all the chosen delegates participate in it. During the discussion of the issues the decisions are made by the simple majority of votes of all the members  or all the chosen delegates of the Organization. Amendments and additions to the Charter are made by the qualitative majority of votes of all the members of the Organization or of all the chosen delegates(2/3).