About us  The Rights of the Organization


5.1 The Organization is considered to be a legal entity from the moment of its state registration.

5.2 The organization has separate property, separate balance, a seal with its name in Armenian, Russian and English on it, a stamp, settlement bank account in Armenian dram and foreign currency. The organization can obtain real and nonreal rights and bear duties in its name, be a plaintiff or a defendant in the court.

5.3 The Organization decides its organizational structure, goals, objectives and the forms of its activities independently.

5.4 In order to implement the objectives and goals prescribed by its Charter the Organization has the right, in conformity with the procedure prescribed by law, to:
a. spread information about its activities,
b. establish mass media in accordance with the defined procedure,
c. organize peaceful, unarmed meetings, demonstrations, processions and marches,
d. represent and protect rights and legal interests of its members in other organizations, courts, other state governing and local self-governing bodies,
e. fulfil commercial activities through commercial companies established by it, establish foundations, separated subdivisions, i.e. branches and representative offices,
f. obtain, rent and use real estate, means of trasnsportation and other estate not prohibited by law in conformity with the procedure prescribed by the legislation,
g. alienate or lease or let out for the fair use any immovable and movable property belonging to the Organization,
h. sign agreements and other transactions not prohibited by legislation,
i. compose and dispose of its financial resources independently, including by obtaining borrowed funds, recieve loans, grants both in armenian dram and in foreign currency, in the RA and other countries,
j. carry out international activities, including, organization of sendings on business trips, invite foreign country citizens, establish separated subdivisions in foreign countries in accordance with their legislation.