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The Structure of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia

arrowThe President of the CC
arrowThe Judges of the CC
arrowThe Head of the Staff
arrowThe Advisers of the CC
arrowLegal-Advisory Department
arrowExpertise-Analytic Division
arrowDivision of International Treaties
arrowDivision of Analyze of Individual Complaints
arrowAccounting and Financial Department
arrowProtocol Division
arrowDivision of International Relations
arrowEditorial-Translation Department
arrowGeneral Division
arrowInformation and Computer Service Division
arrowGroup of Computer Support
arrowExecutive Service
arrowPress Secretary
arrowHuman Resources Manager



The Judges of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia

Tovmasyan Hrayr
President of the CC

Assistants to the President of the CC:
Manukyan Marianna
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 130 (Reception Office)
Fax: (+374 11) 588130
mail armlaw@concourt.am
Abrahamyan Ruzanna
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 190
mail r.abrahamyan@concourt.am
Hovhannisyan Artak
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 124



Dilanyan Arman
Assistant: Hovhannisyan Naira
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 164

Grigoryan Vahe
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 138

Gyulumyan Alvina
Assistant: Hovhannisyan Kristine
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 121
mail a.gyulumyan@concourt.am

Khachatryan Ashot
Assistant: Khachatryan Spartak
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 167

Nazaryan Hrant
Assistant: Alexsanyan Narine
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 174

Petrosyan Arevik
Assistant: Stepanyan Emma
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 179

Tokhyan Felix
Assistant: Abrahamyan Varsenik
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 144
mail felix@concourt.am

Tunyan Araik
Assistant: Davtyan Narine
phone (+374 11) 588181, extension 170
mail tunyan@concourt.am

The Former Members of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia

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